Studio Policy

Yuka Yahagi Piano Studio
Lesson Policy
1. Lesson fees must be paid one month in advance by the first lesson day of the month.  It is the student’s responsibility to pay the lesson fees on time.  Each month tuition fee is set and calculated annually.  It is students’ choice to make a payment annually, semi-annually or by monthly installment of set amount.

2. Lesson fee does not include supplies, event attendance, assessment application fees etc.

3. No refund will be given for the missed lessons.  Students can request to reschedule the lesson in advance when it is necessary for them to cancel their scheduled regular lesson.  Please notify the teacher at least 24 hours (48 hours is greatly appreciated) in advance in writing, except for family and medical emergencies.  Absence due to lack of practice or cancelation within 24 hours will not be made up.

4. We have lessons on Holidays throughout the year unless it is during our scheduled breaks.  If you do not want to have a lesson on a particular Holiday, please feel free to request a make-up lesson in advance.

5. All lessons missed by the teacher will be made-up or refunded. Teacher will notify the student at least 24 hours in advance for cancellation or rescheduling, except for emergencies.

6. We do our best to begin and end lessons on time.  If students are running late, their lesson will still end at the scheduled time. If teacher gets behind, the lesson will still be the duration of your lesson. Please use the restroom before the lesson.  Your lesson still ends on time when you used the restroom during the lesson.

7. Regular attendance is required, repeated cancellations show a lack of commitment to your progress.

8. If students have questions, scheduling issues, or payment due, please address it during your lesson time.  Teacher usually has a lesson or other obligations following.

9. Parents are encouraged to call or email if there are any questions that need clarification or to discuss their child’s progress and practice.

10. Teacher will provide the information of the music books needed for the lesson with appropriate amount of time for acquirement.  It is student’s responsibility to prepare it by the time it was requested for.

11. Students are expected practice everyday.  Please follow the practice advice from your teacher.  Parents are expected to provide practice environment at home and help student to have enough practice time daily.  Please know weekly lesson is not a practice session. 

12. Please remove any jewelry such as watch and rings from your arm, wrist and fingers before the lesson.

13. Please silence your cell phone in the lesson room.

14. Do not eat, drink or chew gum during your lesson.  If you need to for a special reason, please inform your teacher in the beginning of the lesson.  Please do not spill any liquid onto the piano.  Biggest enemy of piano is liquid and humidity.

15. If your body especially finger, hand, wrist, arm, shoulder hurts or any of those parts feel uncomfortable, please address it to your teacher.  Do not force yourself to practice when your hand hurts.

16. You can bring a guest (including parents) to your lesson.  You are expected to be concentrating on the lesson with or without the guest.  Your guests are expected to be silent and not to interrupt the lesson.  

17. Students are expected to treat teacher, piano and other equipment with respect.

18. Make sure your hands are clean before you touch the piano.  Wipe the keyboard of your piano at home lightly with soft clothe occasionally.

19. Please tune your piano professionally at least once a year.  If you practice more than 4 hours a day, please tune your piano every 4-6 months.

20. Please be comfortable in the waiting room and feel free to socialize with other students/parents.  However please refrain yourself from engaging in an activity that might disturb the lesson or the office next door. 

21. When you need to terminate the lesson, please give a written notice 3 weeks in advance.